Parent Leadership Resources Promising Practices in Parent and Family Involvement 1997-2009Child Welfare Information Gateway Promising Practices_Parent Involvement Literature Review  Prevents Child Abuse & Neglect: New Research Demonstrates Evidence-Based ProgramParents Anonymous®  As the nation’s premier family strengthening program dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect, Parents Anonymous® has helped millions of parents and their children in neighborhoods all across America, creating positive long term changes in their lives. Parents Anonymous® Groups serve mothers, fathers, grandparents and caregivers in community centers, schools, religious institutions, and childcare centers in partnership with public and private agencies involving thousands of volunteers.

We are pleased to announce the exciting results of the new National Outcome Study of Parents Anonymous® conducted by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice. This ground-breaking longitudinal study is the only independent outcome research conducted nationwide to assess the impact of parent mutual support-shared leadership groups on child maltreatment prevention. This research includes a national representative sample of diverse parents new to Parents Anonymous® followed over a six month period. All of this evidence is based on standardized scales measuring key child maltreatment outcomes, risk and protective factors and was confirmed in a qualitative study with Latino parents who attended Parents Anonymous® groups. Moreover, a comparison group was utilized to measure the difference in outcomes between parents who did and those who did not continue to attend Parents Anonymous® groups over the six months.

Statistically Significant Results for Parents Who Participated in Parents Anonymous®:

Reduced Child Maltreatment Outcomes
73% of Parents Decreased Their Parenting Distress
65% of Parents Decreased Their Parent Rigidity
56% of Parents Reduced Use of Psychological Aggression Towards Their Children                                             

 For Parents Who Reported Using Physical Aggression, 83% Stopped Physically Abusing Their Children

  • Reduced Risk Factors
  • 86% of the High Stressed Parents Reduced Their Parental Stress
  • 71% of Parents Reduced Their Life Stressors
  • 40% of Parents Reduced Any Form of Domestic Violence
  • 32% of Parents Reduced Their Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Increased Protective Factors
  • 67% of Parents Improved Their Quality of Life
  • For Parents Starting Out Needing Improvement:
    • 90% Improved in Emotional and Instrumental Support
    • 88% Improved in Parenting Sense of Competence
    • 84% Improved in General Social Support
    • 69% Improved in Use of Non-Violent Discipline Tactics
    • 67% Improved in Family Functioning

Parents who continued to attend Parents Anonymous® Groups over time showed improvement in Child Maltreatment Outcomes, Risk and Protective Factors compared to those who dropped out.

Strong evidence suggests that parents benefit and strengthen their families through Parents Anonymous® regardless of the participant’s race, gender, education or income.

Participants reported that they shared a sense of purpose, belonging and community and were able to give and get help from other parents.  

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