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Children and families in your community need your help to defeat Prop 1D on May 19th.

Prop 1D will raid more than $1.6 billion in funding from local programs serving children and families throughout the state. Proposition 1D diverts money from First 5 county commissions to the state General Fund – defunding hundreds of proven community-based programs for children and families in every county.

First 5 programs in every county: 

  • improve children’s health
  • provide quality preschool
  • strengthen at-risk families
  • increase child safety

Don’t let the Sacramento budget deal undo First 5’s accomplishments by diverting 60 to 70 percent of funds for local children and families programs to the “black hole” of the State Budget.  Don’t be fooled by the deceptive ballot description written by Sacramento politicians. Prop 1D seizes money from local medical, health, and education experts and puts it in the hands of Sacramento politicians and bureaucrats. Stand up for children and families in your community by supporting the No on Prop 1D campaign.

Time is of the essence; we need your help today!


hula_hoopers_update1On behalf of Prevent Child Abuse California (PCA CA) and the California Department of Social Services, we are excited to invite your participation in the
2009 Kids’ Day at the Capitol“  in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month. This event will take place on the West Steps of the State Capitol in downtown Sacramento on Tuesday April 21st, 2009. The day is going to be a “ MEGA-Kid-Friendly Event,” full of activities for children, the 5th  Annual “Heroes for Kids Art Contest” display, resources and services for children and parents and opportunities to network with hundreds of dedicated individuals who are committed to child abuse prevention efforts! There will be over a thousand attendees from all 58 California counties: parents, teachers, guest legislators, prevention advocates, the business community, and most importantly…California’s kids! We are confident that your agency/company will both benefit from and contribute to this meaningful gathering of individuals from all over California, both in and out of the child abuse prevention field. In the  “Resource and Service Expo” of tabletop exhibit space hosted by PCA CA, you can display and distribute your agency/company materials, allowing your representatives to visit easily with all those who attend. We hope you will take this opportunity to play an active role in the success of the “2009 Kids’ Day at the Capitol”!

Please contact Danielle Mole,(916) 244-1938,, for any questions.  

Involving Your School Community

  • Plant a pinwheel garden in a visible location.
  • Celebrate your school community’s commitment to happy, healthy and safe kids. Invite
    families, faculty and students to personalize a pinwheel in honor of a child and launch the
    garden at a special event.
  • Coordinate an art or writing contest with a pinwheel theme.
  • Collect the entries and send them to Prevent Child Abuse-NJ for use in future Prevention
  • Involve families in school events.
    • Studies consistently demonstrate that when families are active in supporting their child’s education, students have high rates of achievement.
  • Sign A Promise for Prevention.
    • Collect spare coins throughout April as a sign that it makes good “cents” to
      contribute to child abuse prevention programs.
    • Decorate and sell $1 paper pinwheels.
    • Post them in a visible location within your school building or local
      hangout. Challenge a neighboring school in a contest to post the
    • Host a Pinwheels for Prevention Day
      and share pinwheels and parenting information with
      those who care about children in your community.
      Invite your local media and declare that your group is
      committed to supporting families and preventing child

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